Nobody likes damage on their scarf!

So why use traditional pins? when you can use a Magnetic Brooch that does the exact same job!

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Magnets can hold a decorative pin in place by accomplishing their hold with magnetic force.

A magnet is placed on either side of the fabric, and their attraction clamps the fabric between them.

We understand!

Our magnetic brooches are strong, durable and thin. Made with a thin steel shell around a magnet, they are more durable than plain disc magnets.

These magnets are designed specifically for use with fabrics as clasps and magnetic attachments

If the fabric is a loose weave, the pin might not harm it at all. If it is a tightly woven material, the pin can leave a visible hole. Repeated use can leave several holes.

Try out our magnetic brooch pins, it's easy!

Detach and Clip Only

These Magnetic Pins Work For:

These Magnetic Pins Work For:

  • Hijab pins
  • Brooch replacement
  • Baju kurung
  • Butang baju melayu
  • Tie holder
  • Colar pins
  • Bib number holder
  • Name tag holder

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